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We run Together since 2013

East laurier’s early members were seasoned runners who banded together to improve their personal performance. Over the last few years, the group’s training dynamics have evolved to become more inclusive. Runners of all levels are encouraged to join our activities. We aim to demonstrate that running is a democratic and social sport whose benefits far exceed the physical and psychological well-being of its proponents.

Moreover, East Laurier has now become a creative outlet. Its members are encouraged to contribute to the group’s development by sharing their personal expertise. From our initiatives, members have been able to develop and express their talents in coaching, graphic design, event coordination, and more. Echoing the “bridge the gap” spirit, our team’s collaborative efforts have resulted in two city-wide running events, with matching post-race celebrations.

As a team, we aim to mutually challenge one another to push our personal abilities, and improve overall performance. East Laurier provides a community space to connect with inspiring montrealers and international runners alike.


Our fearless leaders


East Laurier Running Club (elrc) is led by Elise and Chloe since 2015. They are always willing to start new projects for the club, help the runners reaching their goals, and they are also the one with the unenviable task of getting 40-50 runners to pay attention to the route and events announcements.

Élise is one of the few founding members having started with the club in 2013. She is known for hanging at the front of the pack with the fast boys and gives all the girls in the club a run for their money. She is the girl who makes everyone laugh and feel welcome every week.

Chloé has been with ELRC since the summer of 2014. She travels several times a year and ensures that wherever she goes, bridging the gap with foreign run crews is a priority. She is the light-hearted presence you need on training day and the teammate that gets you amped on race day. Chloe sets a high bar for performance expectations, but she is the first to help lift anyone who hopes to clear it.


One of our moto: If you don’t run, you cheer


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